Certified Center for Coloproctology and Pelvic Floor Therapy CPCC

Coloproctology and Pelvic Floor Therapy Center

The MIC hospital’s certified Coloproctology and Pelvic Floor Therapy Center provides patients with the most advanced medical and surgical care, focusing primarily on the safe treatment of gastrointestinal diseases with the goal of optimizing patient experience.

He who cures is right.

Fritz Koenig

Quality and Competence

The experts at our centre

Tom G. Kirchner MD, MHBA

Head of Coloprotology and Pelvic Floor Therapy CPCC
Head of the certified competence centre for surgical coloproctology

Björn Siemssen MD

Head of the Hernia Center Berlin-Brandenburg
Surgical Specialist

Stefan Kaiser MD

Specialist for General Surgery

Center competencies

We can help you with

  • Rectal/anal interventions
  • Surgery in cases of bladder and stool incontinence
  • Surgical interventions for aesthetic and reconstructive purposes
  • Surgical interventions for benign and malignant colon disorders and inflammatory alterations
  • Surgical interventions for fistula treatment
  • Surgical interventions for intestinal prolapse treatment
  • Surgical interventions for piles treatment
  • Surgical interventions for slow transit constipation and obstipation
  • Surgical interventions for the treatment of rectoceles and pelvic floor descent
  • Surgical interventions on small intestine

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