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We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

As pioneers of minimally invasive surgery and thanks to 25 years of specialisation, our experts have a deep understanding and expertise in this type of surgery. This makes it possible to provide the best options and optimal, personalised care for our patients.

The goal is to give everyone the prospect of a better quality of life.

At the “Klinik fuer MIC”, we achieve this through individual approaches, personal care and interdisciplinary collaboration in teams and centres – always with our patients at the centre of our treatment processes.


Important information for patients with planned surgery

If you have been abroad or had cold symptoms in the 14 days before the operation, we cannot operate on you.

After an infection with SARS-CoV-2 (without hospitalisation), the interval to the planned operation should be at least 6 weeks.

After a Covid-19 vaccination, the interval to a planned operation should be at least 2 weeks.

Germany’s patients have decided

Recommendation rate of 97%

Imagine you could be treated at one of Germany’s Best Hospitals. A hospital recommended by 97% of the patients, far above the national average.

A place where you can concentrate entirely on yourself and getting well.

Imagine that you have just found this place.

25 years of competence

Only good reasons
for the MIC

Innovation and competence

The MIC was a bold pioneer of minimally invasive surgery, offering the most advanced technology-based operating theatre in the world as early as 2000.

With two decades of practice and thousands of successful surgeries, all MIS surgeons and the entire team perform at the highest level. Operations are performed faster and safer than in any other facility. Today’s gold standard of surgery found its European surgical origin in the MIC.

Quality and Safety

Since 2012, we have achieved amazing results in Europe’s largest patient survey*.

With patient satisfaction and a recommendation rate of consistently over 97%, against a national average of only 81%, we are proud to say that the MIC Klinik is far above the standard in Germany in the following areas.

Recommendation by patients
Satisfaction with the medical care
Satisfaction with the nursing care
Satisfaction with organisation and service.

Service and comfort

You will be accommodated in single or double rooms, all with an en-suite bathroom and comfortable furnishings. We serve fresh, seasonal food prepared especially for the MIC hospital – in the morning and in the evening as a buffet.*

After your surgery you can relax in the lobbies or in the “pavilion” located on the premises with your visitors and enjoy drinks and cakes. The main thing is that you feel better again after your operation and free from anxiety and fears.

*The buffet is currently closed due to Corona.

Personal Care

In the MIC, you as a patient will receive personal guidance. If an operation is planned, the most suitable procedure will be selected for you. You also have direct and permanent contact to the experts. For all procedures in general surgery and gynaecology, you will of course be personally accompanied by your surgeon from the pre-operative phase to the post-operative phase.



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