Coronavirus Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2)

Updated information from the MIC

Dear patients,

in compliance with the regulation for the containment of the coronavirus in Berlin, we would like to keep the risk of infection as low as possible while continuing our consultation hours and operations.

If a rescheduling of your admission date is necessary, we will contact you by phone.

Should you show symptoms of cover 19 before admission, please do not come to the MIC.

Contact us by phone and we will discuss what to do in your case. We also provide regular information on our Facebook page and help you with further tips for dealing with the corona crisis.

Many thanks for your cooperation and all the best!

Brochure including Corona testing points in Berlin.

Face Masks

With immediate effect, our employees are required to wear masks in the presence of other persons. We know that this does not provide absolute protection against infection with corona viruses. However, it is also our aim to keep the infection curve as flat as possible. This can be achieved if all available protective measures are taken.

Visits and Entrance/Exit to MIC

With immediate effect, for the protection of everyone in visitors are not allowed in the MIC.
A large number of patients belong to risk groups that require special protection from the corona virus.

Only the main entrances Kurstr. and Spanische Allee are to be used. All side entrances are to be used for exiting the building only.

Hours and Operations

Consultation hours
All consultation hours are currently still taking place as planned, but with less patient frequency.

If you do not receive a personal cancellation for an operation, please assume that it will take place. Excluded are all bariatric patients.

Protection tips on Coronavirus Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2)

Wash your hands

Thorough washing with soap or washing lotion reliably kills corona viruses. To protect the skin, hospital and outpatient staff* use hand disinfectants instead. The effect is comparable when used properly. Your hands should be washed or disinfected especially before touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

Washing hands: Soap up to the wrist for at least 20 seconds

Correct sneezing and coughing

The new coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplets (directly or via the hands).

To protect others: keep your distance when coughing or sneezing, turn away and sneeze into the crook of your arm (not into your hands).

Be careful when touching

Viruses can adhere to surfaces that are touched by many people. For safety, elevator buttons can be pressed with a pen or door handles can be operated with the elbow.

If skin contact could not be avoided, it is recommended to wash or disinfect hands immediately.

Keep your distance

Infected people who are still feeling healthy can also be contagious.

So please: Keep your distance, just over a meter is enough. It is better to avoid shaking hands and hugging.

Avoid groups of people

The new regulation prohibits all kinds of events and meetings. Nevertheless, groups can still be found in parks or in private rooms. For your health – and that of everyone else – please strictly adhere to the rules in force.

Wearing a protective mask

Face masks protect the wearer’s surroundings and can, if everyone participates, flatten the curve.

An MNS mask does not provide reliable protection against corona infection and should therefore not give a false sense of security. However, together we can flatten the curve and protect our fellow human beings with such protective measures. Please do not touch the surface of the mask after putting it on and disinfect your hands. A used mask is a potential accumulation of viruses just like a used handkerchief.


What to do if you think you have been infected with the new coronavirus Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

Am I infected?

Protecting yourself and others 

Please stay at home for the present. Keep in mind that you may not be infected – and that you could be infected if you visit a doctor’s office or hospital unnecessarily. Obtain telephone advice on the best course of action.

Advice by telephone

Call the practice of your family doctor, in Berlin the hotline of the senate administration 030-9028-2828 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) or the Kassenärztliche Notdienst 116117 (24 hours a day – also on weekends) to get information about further steps. Do not enter the waiting room unannounced.

Only in case of severe symptoms (fever with shortness of breath) call the fire department. When you call, tell them if you think you are infected with the coronavirus and why you think so (return from a risk area, contact with infected persons, …).

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