Information for Patients

The patient is our number one priority

The consultation

Please bring:

  • Referral from your attending physician
  • Identity card (or other appropriate document)
  • Insurance card
  • Copies of examinations, x-rays or medical records
  • A list of all current medication taken regularly.

To save time, you can download the Medical History form in advance.

How to find us:

The hospital can be reached by public transport and by car. Choose the perfect route for you with Google Maps. We have limited parking. The Hospital of the Evangelical St. Hubertus Johannesstift Diakonie has a parking deck off of “Spanische Allee”. Parking is usually available in the area.

We take our time.

Please remember to ask any questions you may have. We recommend that you write down questions in advance. If you do forget to ask something, it might be answered in the FAQs. If you do not find what you are looking for, please send an e-mail to

Will we see each other again?

If after the consultation it has been agreed not to have surgery, your data will be stored in your patient file for use should you come to the MIC again. If after consultation an operation has been scheduled without any further medical examinations, you will come back to the MIC on the day of your surgery. If an operation depends on further medical examinations you will receive a checklist from the logistics centre and information on how to proceed.

Postponing and Cancelling.

We understand if you have to reschedule or cancel your appointment. However, please contact us as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to or calling us. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, you will need a medical confirmation.

Your Operation

Preparing for Surgery

In order to make the planning and the procedures as easy as possible, we have compiled information for you. Should you still have any outstanding questions, please refer to our FAQ. In order to be admitted to our hospital, you require the referral of your physician. This should be available at the latest 3 working days before your operation by email: / Fax: 030 809 88 188 or in the original. Please call 030 809 88 155 to inquire about the time of in-patient admission for the day of surgery 2 working days before the surgery date. Please be aware that we cannot give you the exact time of the operation. As a general rule, this time is approx. 2-3 hours after admission. On the evening before the operation, you should only eat a light meal. Six hours before the appointment you should not eat anything and 2 hours before you should not drink any more. Further information can be found in our anaesthesia leaflet.

Day of the operation

On the day of your operation, the Logistics Centre will tell you on which ward you will be. A nurse will greet you, show you your room and explain everything you need to know about your accommodation. Your vital signs will be checked, and when it is time for your surgery, the nurse will pre-medicate and take you to the operating room. After your surgery and discharge from post-operative care in the recovery room, you will be brought back to your room and regularly monitored.


In the morning your surgeon does his or her rounds. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. You will receive your personal folder “My Health” with your medical records before discharge. In the Logistics Centre you can settle any payments incurred.

Your Stay at the MIC

The first day of your in-patient stay is also the day of your surgery.

What you should bring with you:

We have compiled a checklist for you here. Please pack everything into a trolley case, as you are not supposed to carry anything heavy post-operatively. Please also make sure any chargers/cables you bring are in mint condition.

What you should not bring with you:

You have your own safe in your room. Nevertheless, please do not bring jewellery or large amounts of cash. Please do not bring candles or any essential oils or fragrances with you. Patient safety  No hospital can claim to work without errors throughout. Not even we. However, the MIC grew out of a special situation: we were able to design from scratch. All procedures, the departments and the entire technology were geared to the needs of modern minimally invasive surgery and patient safety and brought to life. Since 1997, these processes have been constantly analysed, renewed, improved and modernised. All MIC employees are accustomed to proposing, accepting and implementing newer, better and safer procedures. First and foremost is a constant monitoring of the safety and quality of all processes. In spite of a steady increase in the number of patients, the complication rate of procedures has not increased.

Prefer to call us directly?

030 809 88 - 155

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